"A lot of people misunderstand me.
That's because they don't know me at all." Michael Jackson
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swiggity swooty im comin for that booty

swiggity swass im comin for that ass



Michael Jackson Speaking

This is Michael Jackson speaking. This is Michael Jackson speaking. I love ya, and know that the whole world loves you and needs you. Especially me. This is Michael Jackson speaking.

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The “Bad” tour spanned the globe with stops in 15 countries on 4 continents, and included 123 concerts to about 4.4 million loving fans

Out of sheer boredom, Michael use to dial room service knowing full well the kitchen didn’t have what he was about to order. "I’ll have some collard greens… some cornbread… and some black-eyed peas," he’d say, as if reading the items off a menu. "Send ‘em up right now!" Then he’d hang up snickering. And when no knock at the door came, he’d call again. "I’m waiting for my collard greens…"

The Drill choreographed by Michael Jackson and Travis Payne.

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This is love to my ears oh my gosh.

Listen with headphones. 

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